Cake Series (A Team)

Acrylic paint, light modelling paste and acrylic on canvas rhinestones 20” x 20”

I have painted many versions of hallucinations I experienced while hospitalized a couple years back. From memory, the visuals appear to be shiny and pretty with lots of texture. This texture always reminds me of frosting you see on cakes. My hallucinations were primarily colourless, or rather white or even translucent metallic and among the shine were these little bright coloured spots. My digestive system stopped working because I was so ill. As I was recovering from surgery, food became a prominent part of the hallucinations, hence the frosting-like illusions. That life-threatening experience sprung a return to art producing which l have never experienced before. It has compelled me to create art all the time, inspiring me to continue to put significant effort into advancing my art making practice.