45-minutes Free Consultation

Desire freedom from the chaos? Want to feel confident, grounded and brave? Want to have healthy boundaries? Want to know who you are?
  • When receiving one on one coaching sessions with me, it's an immersive experience of personal development that explores your mindset, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Honest communication with curiosity, compassion and supportive language creates safety so you will be open with your vulnerabilities and see your worth in where you are at.
  • Together we will find a personal mastery plan that works for your personality and strengths.
  • Equipped to embrace your worth and genuinely love yourself, while being grounded in your boundaries, your values and your ethics you will be empowered into living life wholeheartedly and achieving your dreams

If you're interested in Serena's session, please contact her via email: serenacripps3@gmail.com