Why Have an Online Store?

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) is a radiantly diverse community, home to some of the most unique artists and thinkers. With many of the community members facing work and social barriers, entrepreneurship offers the opportunity for individuals to achieve both long-term social and financial well-being. Since COVID, our community has found it to be increasingly difficult to reach a broader community with their businesses - with lack of resources and access being at the top of the list. Employ to Empower provides the resources through our business fundamentals course and the online platform to broaden their reach to the online world. To achieve sustainable entrepreneurship in the DTES, we must meet our community where they are at, providing equitable opportunities based on the individual and unique barriers and needs.

What’s My Impact?

Over at Employ to Empower, we believe in a little thing called connection and its ability to transform lives. Through meaningful exchange, we come closer to understanding our shared humanity and vulnerabilities– we connect.

When you support an entrepreneur by purchasing their products or services, a meaningful exchange happens, and this is where the magic begins. These moments are more than a transaction, they are opportunities for building confidence, maintaining stability, a foundation for innovation and the start of a lasting connection. They mean entrepreneurs will have the ripple effect of more visibility, more patronage and your support. These moments make change!

About ETE?

Employ to Empower supports residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community by providing access to development and entrepreneurial resources. Our resources include affordable microloans and business mentorship, with the goal of having a long-term impact on our members’ personal and economic well being. Now, we’re adding an online marketplace to our platform of resources! We also actively advocate for creating positive social change in the Downtown Eastside.